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You are here because something devastating has happened in your relationship. Maybe you learned new information that changes everything. Maybe you realized that the years of frustration must come to an end. Either way, you are in a very painful place. I am sorry this has happened to you.

You started out with great hopes and dreams about your relationship.

It seemed like you could be the couple who would have something really special and unique. Now, those wide-eyed, happy pictures from the beginning of your relationship seem like they were other people. It is hard to piece together the complicated path that led you to where you are now.

Now you have hard decisions to make.

Decisions that you never thought you would have to face. How to make them when you feel so overwhelmed and scared? There is so much to lose. Where to even start?

I have good and bad news. The bad news is that things might suck for a little while. No matter which path forward you choose, there is hard work and change in the future.

The good news is that many couples recover from the kind of pain that you are feeling right now.

They sort through the wreckage and decide which elements of their relationship to keep, and which to discard. They grow together as they sort it out and mend the relationship.

They have the opportunity to develop the type of relationship that others envy. One where they really know each other and are fiercely protective of the relationship.

Couples Counseling Center – CHERI TIMKO

You need someone who can help. Someone who knows what they are doing.

Couples counseling is most effective when you start with a thorough assessment of the relationship so that you can build a good roadmap to repair the parts of your relationship that need work.

A good assessment also reminds you of what works between you (often lost amidst the pain). Then it is a guide to developing the tools to have a great relationship and to repair the hurt parts.

What to Expect

Couples counseling follows several steps from intake to termination. You have some options to tailor your experience to the needs of your relationship. The goals we set will be specific to your unique relationship.

1. Phone Consultation

Schedule a free phone consultation. You can ask any questions that you have and learn more about couples counseling and how it applies to you.


2. Relationship Assessment

Complete a 3-session Relationship Assessment.

Choose intake method:
1. Quick start
2. Traditional

3. Attend Counseling

During counseling, we use the goals developed in the assessment to make real changes in your relationship. We meet weekly until you start to regularly implement the new skills and behaviors at home. Once you develop good relationship habits, we meet monthly to support the changes.


4. Termination Session

At the end of your therapy work, we will schedule a final session. We use this session to wrap up any unfinished work, set goals for your work outside of therapy, celebrate progress, and talk about warning signs that suggest returning to counseling. After counseling, some couples opt for periodic check-ins for long-term accountability.

A Relationship Assessment consists of:

1. A Couples Interview
2. Individual Interviews
3. A Relationship Assessment
4. A Personal History Questionnaire
5. A Feedback and goal setting session

Quick Start or Traditional Intake

What’s the difference between the two intake methods?

Quickstart Intake

Schedule a 3-hour intensive assessment. You will complete the written and online assessment prior to the appointment.

This option is good for couples:
☑️ Who are in crisis
☑️ Who wants to get started making real changes right away
☑️ Who find a lengthy assessment process frustrating
☑️ Who wants an assessment only

Traditional Intake

Schedule weekly sessions to complete the assessment process. It often takes a couple of weeks to work through the assessment steps. This option is the most likely to be covered by insurance. Once the assessment is complete, we will use the goals as a roadmap in counseling.

This option is good for couples:
☑️  Who wants to stay with their insurance
☑️ Are not in immediate crisis, but are ready to start counseling with their partner

The first step in getting an appointment is to schedule a free phone consultation.

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