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Most people have questions to ask before they schedule their first appointment. I spend most of my time in uninterrupted therapy sessions with people just like you. This can make reaching me difficult.

There is a way to skip the traditional phone tag

1. Schedule a free consultation

You will choose a convenient time to receive a call. After you request a consultation, you will receive an email to confirm your appointment. It will contain instructions to fill out basic information and a short questionnaire to describe the services that you are looking for. For those seeking couples counseling, you and your partner are both welcome to participate in the consultation. Unfortunately, same-day consultations are not available.

2. Ask any questions you have

During the consultation, plan to be in a private setting where you can ask questions. I will talk about how I work with clients. At the end, if we are a good match, we will schedule your first appointment. If you would be better served by other services, you will receive referrals to other professionals.

3. Prepare for our first therapy session

After the consultation, you will receive an email confirming your first appointment. It will prompt you back to the client portal where you can sign all the documents necessary to start therapy. I also attach your first homework assignment. You can print it and upload it prior to the first session, or complete it after the first session, whichever feels most comfortable to you. I look forward to speaking with you.

Return clients should schedule a consultation to resume counseling in order to discuss any changes in their situation or in therapy policies.

You may also be able to answer some of your questions by looking at other pages on this site.

The first step in getting an appointment is to schedule a free phone consultation.

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We believe that a healthy and satisfying marriage is key to having a great life. We are dedicated to teaching the skills to have a great marriage for all couples. We use research-based methods of counseling and psychoeducation so you get the best results.  Our purpose and goal is to reduce the divorce rate in the region and beyond.

ti couThe first step in getting an appointment is to schedule a free phone consultation.