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Want to know where your relationship stands?

Not everyone wants to participate in traditional counseling. Some couples, they just need the information to understand what is happening so they can get on the right path. Other couples are looking for peace of mind that they can keep their relationship on the right track. I conduct a three-hour assessment and give you a written assessment of how your relationship is functioning.

What are your goals for your relationship?

Use the results of the Relationship Assessment to guide you in improving your relationship. It will help you put your energy toward the activities that will really make a difference between you and your spouse.

What to Expect

Couples counseling follows several steps from intake to termination. You have some options to tailor your experience to the needs of your relationship. The goals we set will be specific to your unique relationship.

1. Phone Consultation

Schedule a free phone consultation. You can ask any questions that you have and learn more about couples counseling and how it applies to you.


2. Relationship Assessment

A Relationship Assessment consists of:

☑️ Online Relationship Assessment
☑️ Written Personal History Questionnaire
☑️ Session 1: Couples Interview
☑️ Session 2: Individual Interviews

3. Wrap-up Session

Session 3: Receive a detailed overview of the strengths of your relationship. You will also be provided with recommendations and resources to work on for any trouble spots that are discovered throughout the assessment, questionnaire, or interviews.

Relationship Assessment Costs


☑️ Understanding of how great relationships work

☑️ Know how your relationship is functioning

☑️ Summary of relationship assessment

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