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All Love Stories Deserve Second Drafts:

Reclaim A Deep Connection with Your Partner

You CAN have a great relationship with your current partner no matter what’s going on in your relationship right now.
Is your once-sparkling love buried under communication breakdowns, hurt feelings, or simply the slow drift of time?

Every love story, whether it’s brand new or a seasoned partnership, deserves a second draft. At the Couples Counseling Center, we believe in the power of transformation. We’re here to help you rewrite the narrative with your partner.

Relationships are made up of many chapters. The theme of this chapter might be disconnection, distrust, or disruption. If it is, it’s time to edit it or begin the next chapter–one filled with hope, fun, and connection.

Imagine reclaiming closeness, intimacy, and support with your partner or spouse. 

Picture yourselves laughing together, feeling truly seen and heard, and building a future that’s stronger, more fulfilling, and filled with passion. We can help you get there, whether you’re dating, engaged, newlyweds, or seasoned veterans of marriage.

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We've helped couples dealing with:

Communication breakdowns

Struggling to hear each other, feeling unknown, or overwhelmed by arguments? We’ll build bridges of understanding and equip you with communication tools that truly work.

Dwindling intimacy

Missing the spark, struggling with physical touch, or feeling emotionally distant? We’ll reignite the flame and help you rediscover the joy of being close.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Helping Couples Overcome Communication Breakdowns and Dwindling Intimacy
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Guiding Couples Through Trust and Betrayal, Life Transitions
Trust and betrayal

Navigating the aftermath of infidelity, dealing with jealousy, or struggling to forgive? We’ll guide you through healing, rebuilding trust, and emerging stronger together.

Life transitions

Blended families, career changes, empty nest syndrome, or retirement blues? We’ll equip you to adapt, grow, and thrive as a team through life’s chapters.

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Therapy isn’t just for “broken” marriages. It’s a chance to invest in your relationship’s future, cultivate a deeper connection, and unlock your full potential as a couple.  You want an unbreakable bond that will survive whatever challenges may lay around the corner.

Forget the stereotypes of couples therapy being painful or awkward. We’ll create a safe, supportive space where you can clearly express yourselves and work towards solutions together. This can actually be fun! We encourage humor, playfulness, and even a little romance as you reconnect and rediscover the joy of being a allies and lovers.

Most marriages are saveable with the right support and commitment. We believe in your love story, and we’re here to help you write the next chapter, one filled with laughter, connection, and lasting happiness.

We'll help you:
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Don't let fear, doubt, or stigma hold you back.

Your happily ever after starts now.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Rediscovering the Strength of Your Bond

What's happening in your relationship right now?​

Love’s journey, like any other, has its winding paths and unexpected detours. Couples Therapy can be the first step towards rediscovering the strength and beauty of your bond. It’s a safe space to explore the dynamics of your relationship, understand each other’s needs, and develop tools to navigate conflict and rebuild intimacy. Couples therapy is a place to rewrite the narrative of your love story and rediscover the joy of connection.

Choose the option that best fits what you're facing right now. You'll discover a therapy tailored to your needs:

Couples Relationship Tune up 2

Even the strongest relationship can use some TLC. You want to improve your relationship. Things are going great or you want to work through some rough spots to avoid a future relationship crisis.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Couples Sex Therapy

You are struggling with intimacy and affection in your relationship. You can barely talk about your differences and how to fix them.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Couples Crisis Therapy

Your relationship is in jeopardy of falling apart.  Something terrible is happening or has happened.  You are deciding whether to stay in the relationship or break up.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Reconciliation Couples Therapy

You are separated but want to find a way back to each other. You are afraid of repeating the same old patterns.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Neurodiverse Couples Therapy

One or both of you have a neurodiversity that affects the relationship (Autism, ADHD, learning differences, highly sensitive person).  You have trouble understanding one another and working through everyday problems.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Individual Relationship Counseling

You are struggling to feel heard and seen in your relationship. Your partner thinks it’s all your fault OR won’t come to therapy with you. You want to improve this relationship.

We work with all types of couples at all stages in all configurations. If you don't see your relationship on the list, ask!

  • Dating
  • Moving in
  • PreMarital
  • New Parents
  • Parents of Teens
  • Parents of Special Needs Kids
  • Empty Nesters
  • Affair Recovery & Betrayal Trauma
  • Second Marriages
  • Blended Families
  • Separated Couples
  • Poly, Non-monogamous, and other non-traditional relationship structures 

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How to Start Therapy at the Couples Counseling Center

Ready to start individual or couples therapy? Here's how it works at the Couples Counseling Center:

1. Free Phone Consultation

Take the first step by booking a 15-minute phone call with us. You'll receive a confirmation email with details.

2. Prepare for the Call

Before the call, complete a short questionnaire to help us understand your needs.

3. During the Call

Come individually or as a couple. We'll answer your questions and tell you how therapy can help. If it's a good fit, we'll even schedule your first appointment right then.

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Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: How to Start Couples Therapy

4. Getting Ready

Before your first session, please sign some consent forms online. This saves time during the first session.

5. Your First Session

After logging in to your online session, your therapist will welcome you, review important information, and answer any questions you have about counseling. Then, you will share the reasons that you are seeking support. At the end of the session, you will schedule your next appointment and set up payments.

Remember: You're not alone in this. We're here to support you on your journey to a happier, healthier relationship.

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Currently, the Couples Counseling Center offers virtual therapy appointments throughout West Virginia. Whether you’re in Charleston, Huntington, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Fairmont, Martinsburg or anywhere in between, you can access convenient appointments from your home, work, or other convenient location. We use HIPAA compliant video software to ensure your confidentiality.

Start rewriting your love story right now.

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The Couples Counseling Center embraces the full spectrum of human experiences. We are LGBTQIA2S+, Sex Positive, and Neurodivergence affirming. We believe every relationship deserves support and understanding, regardless of your background, color, religion, orientation, identity, neurostatus, or any other aspect that makes you, you.

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