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Individual Relationship Therapy

Feel like you're the only one trying to save your marriage? You CAN have a close and fulfilling marriage, even if your spouse won’t come to therapy!

You know your marriage needs work….

Does this sound like you?
Woman thinking about her marriage, taking notes on things that she wants to try.

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While your partner might not agree to attend couples counseling, that doesn't mean you can't and still obtain benefits for your marriage.

But, you also know…your partner is never going to agree to Couples Therapy!

They have so MANY reasons….

One partner can make all the difference!

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You don’t have to feel hopeless anymore. Individual Relationship Therapy can save a couple.

Did you know that it only takes ONE person to transform a relationship? Individual therapy to heal your relationship doesn’t mean you’ll have to do all the work. Quite the contrary!
Working together, we’ll
Woman sitting at a computer, enjoying couples counseling.

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Nothing seems to work!

You’ve read the self-help books, followed relationship gurus on social media, asked your friends and family, and told your partner what you need. Still, nothing changes. Together, we’ll find unique solutions for your specific problems. You’ll get the support you need to make lasting changes, even if your partner isn’t fully on board.

Woman happily reading a self-help book and learning new information about how she can improve her marriage.
Man finds Couples Counseling Center online and discovers they can work with him regardless of whether his partner participates or does not.

You feel angry that you are the only one “putting in the effort.”

It feels hopeless and lonely to work on your relationship alone. Worse, your family and friends tell you that your marriage will fail unless your partner works on it, too. You imagine feeling even MORE exhausted than you do now. Working together, we will change the rules of the relationship. You will find ways to make changes that relieve you of the work–not make things worse. And, you’ll get the support you need to keep moving forward.

Every time you bring up a problem, they dismiss or deny your problems.

Personal growth is amazing when you reach the other end, but the work itself can be uncomfortable. People often prefer to stay in their comfort zone, even if it means being unhappy. Your partner may feel scared, worried, or just plain uncomfortable with change. It’s not usually an accurate sign of whether they love you.

Working together, we can find alternate ways to bring up tough topics. We’ll explore creative solutions that will create win-wins in the relationship.

Woman feels acknowledged while receiving individual counseling from the Couples Counseling Center.
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If I go to therapy alone, doesn't that mean I'm admitting that I am the problem in the relationship?

There are many reasons to go to therapy. Common reasons include: to solve a problem, to get support, or to heal from the past. Regardless of what your partner thinks, you are not accepting total responsibility for problems. Instead, you’ll make sure that you contribute the best that you can while also having good boundaries about what you will (and will not) do.

I've already worked with an individual therapist and it didn't help.

Relationship Therapists have different tools and skills to teach you. They help you to see your partner’s perspective. With that insight, you can identify new ways of communicating and solving problems. When you take your partner’s personality and needs into consideration, you will find better options to present and they’ll be more open to the changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?​

Schedule a free phone consultation. You can ask all your questions and learn about how therapy works. In most cases, you can get an initial therapy appointment in a week or two, depending on your schedule.

My spouse is sending me to therapy because, "I'm the one with the problem." They need to come, too. I might be part of the problem, but it's not ONLY me. Will this work?

You aren’t the first person whose spouse wants to avoid accepting any responsibility.  In fact, it’s pretty common.  When you start doing things differently, your spouse may join you in therapy later in the process.  In the meantime, we can change the way you interact just by changing what you contribute.  If you change the script, they can’t continue reading their old lines.

I'm already doing much of the relationship work. If I go to Individual Relationship Therapy instead of Couples Therapy, doesn't that mean I'll have to work even harder? I'm already SO exhausted.

The first step in change is to understand what is happening in the relationship.  In every partnership, you each contribute something to the problems.  You may be making things harder in the relationship because you are doing TOO much already.  We will sort through what you are doing and why.  Many people actually end up doing less work because they stop picking up slack that isn’t theirs.

I'm worried about my relationship, but my partner isn't open to Couples Therapy. I'm considering Individual Relationship Therapy, but I'm afraid it might make things worse and lead to a divorce. Can you help me understand if Individual Relationship Therapy could put our relationship at risk?

You are in charge of your therapy and your marriage.  My job is to help you find new options to solve problems.  You will need to decide which option works best for your life.  Personally, I believe in marriage.  I know that you are better off together (in a great marriage) than going through the excruciating pain of a divorce.  I will support any decision you make. But, I also will creatively look for options that help you get the marriage that you long for.

Is there a way to ease my partner into therapy?

Maybe.  Sometimes a spouse will agree to do a Couples Relationship Checkup to help with your Individual Relationship Therapy.  If they do, they may change their minds about going to therapy.  Other times, a spouse might join after they see the positive ways that you have changed.

I'm not sure what I want. Sometimes I want to stay and other times I don't think I can take it anymore. Will you help me make the best decision for myself and my kids?

When things are bad, it can be hard to know what will make them better. Together, we will examine what’s happening, make small changes to see if things get better, and weigh the pros and cons of staying. Leaving has it’s own set of challenges, so there are good reasons why you might choose either option.  I will support you either way.

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