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Couples Crisis Therapy

From Broken Promises to Hope Renewed: A Path for Couples in Crisis

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Lost in the Storm: When Everything You Knew Shatters

You didn’t stumble upon this page by accident.
You’re here because the foundation of your relationship has been rocked. You are questioning every promise, every cherished moment, every feeling. It feels impossible to know what’s real or trustworthy.
Something devastating and beyond belief happened. A betrayal. A realization years in the making. The erosion of trust. No matter the trigger, you’re in the throes of a relationship crisis. The pain feels raw and all-consuming.
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Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Rebuilding Relationships
You started out with great hopes and dreams about your relationship.
Remember the hopeful vows and shared dreams? They seem like the faded memories of a stranger. That optimism feels naive compared to the grim reality. The path that led to this crisis feels tangled, confusing, and heartbreaking.
The Stakes Are High
This crisis ripples through everything. It threatens your family, your future, your very sense of self. Moving, job disruption, your children’s lives in flux, financial upheaval – the mess feels overwhelming.
Everything you counted on feels lost.

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Hard Choices, Hazy Path: ​Navigating the Unknown

These gut-wrenching decisions – leaving, staying, rebuilding – weigh heavy on your already overburdened heart. How do you make sense of it all when fear and overwhelm cloud your mind? You feel like you’re drowning in a sea of unknowns.
You face decisions you never imagined. Each path is fraught with risk.
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Guiding Through Relationship Challenges
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Hope in the Midst of the Storm

Here’s the hard truth about your situation: things will be rough for a while. Whether you choose to stay or go, there is hard work and change in your future.

But here’s the other truth, the one that whispers hope in the darkness: many couples weather the storm of crisis and emerge stronger.

From Wreckage to Renewal

This crisis doesn’t have to be the end of your love story; it’s an opportunity for a new beginning. Couples who salvage their relationships don’t just rebuild – they reimagine. They sift through the wreckage, discard what no longer serves them, and carefully piece together a stronger, more resilient bond.
This isn’t just about fixing the cracks; it’s about forging a relationship others will envy – one built on deep understanding, unwavering support, and intense love. You’re considering fighting for it because you believe in the power of your love.
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You Are Not Alone. You Deserve a Guide through the Storm

You want to give this a chance, but the storm clouds are still swirling. You need a guide who knows the pathway out of crisis. You need someone who’s seen it all countless times, a skilled professional with a clear roadmap and the experience to guide you through the chaos.

Crisis Couples Therapy is your anchor in this storm.

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Imagine a therapist who:

  • Sees through the emotional fog, helping you prioritize and find direction.
  • Offers a safe space for both of you to express your pain, fears, and hopes.
  • Identifies the issues, both recent and long-standing, that have brought you to this point.
  • Charts a clear course, transforming conflict into collaboration.
  • Uncovers win-win solutions and guides you towards mutually beneficial solutions that prioritize respect and compassion.
  • Knows tried-and-true relationship repair tools to bring closure and healing to the past.
  • Draws upon experience with countless couples facing similar battles.
  • Believes in your strength and resilience.

Whether you have decided to salvage the relationship or are debating about your next move, you can start the healing process. Couples Crisis Therapy brings hope and order back to your life. Start to understand what happened and why, and get clarity on your next steps.

Reclaim Your Love Story: The Rewards of Healing

If you want a way forward in the relationship, there is hope. Working as a team, you can build something new together, something stronger. Healing takes time but comes with many rewards.
There are many benefits to healing THIS relationship. You can:
This crisis is a wake-up call and opportunity. Turn this pain into a springboard for personal and relationship growth. Create a relationship that shines brighter than ever before.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?​

Schedule a free phone consultation. You can ask all your questions and learn about how therapy works. In most cases, you can get an initial therapy appointment in a week or two, depending on your schedule.

My partner does not want to participate in couples counseling. What should I do?

Couples counseling with both members of the couple is the most efficient way of improving your relationship. However, you have other very good options if your partner is reluctant.

➡️ Your partner might be willing to participate in a 3-session Couples Relationship Checkup. The Assessment is time limited and has a clearly defined purpose. By the end, you will have goals tailored for your relationship to work on jointly outside of therapy.

➡️ Conventional wisdom says that you can’t improve your relationship unless you both work on it together. However, I have seen great results from doing therapy with one partner who is motivated to see changes. If your partner is reluctant to participate, Individual Relationship Therapy will support you as you make a positive impact the relationship. Sometimes a partner is willing to talk to me for one session so I can hear their side of the issue. Or they may be willing to participate after seeing positive changes from your actions. You have a lot more influence in your relationship than you think!

I’m worried that I will be blamed for all our problems. What will sessions be like?

My job as a psychotherapist is to help you deeply understand one another so you can find win-win solutions to your differences. During sessions, I will teach relationship skills and help you have productive conversations. We will focus on what each of you contributes to problems and how to improve your relationship as teammates and allies. As much as possible, I want couples counseling to be enjoyable for both partners. If this is a concern of yours, please bring it to my attention.

I have a secret. Do I need to tell you or my partner?

Ultimately the choice is yours.  In general, it’s better for most couples if the secret is revealed.  It would be better for you to reveal a secret rather than your partner learning about it from someone else.  Most betrayals are two-fold: 1) the breach in the relationship and 2) the lies that covered it.  When you reveal the secret, you reduce the impact of the second issue.  It’s hard to build a safe, trusting relationship on a secret.

Who does not do well in couples counseling?

My primary goal is to save your relationship. If you are looking for a professional to testify in court, I do not have the training or experience to assist you. If you are having an active affair, or you do not want to work on your relationship, then couples counseling is unlikely to be helpful. In these cases, some individual counseling might help you decide what you would like from your relationship before working on improving it.

My spouse doesn't like to talk. I'm afraid they won't talk about the problems.

Couples Therapy is the perfect combination of safe space and encouragement to talk openly. Many people, who otherwise wouldn’t talk, are able to finally share their thoughts and feelings. If this is a concern you have, let me know and I will help put both of you at ease.

I don't think my partner can change, but I don't want to call it quits. What can I do so this is tolerable?

It’s a good sign if your partner is willing to participate in Couples Therapy. Together, we will identify and understand the problems. Then we will look for the best possible solutions. Sometimes that requires your partner to change. Sometimes that means YOU will do things differently. If your partner won’t change, there are still boundaries and expectations you can change that will make a difference in the relationship.

I don't trust my partner, how can we recover?

Many couples start Couples Counseling with very little trust in their partner and the relationship. After we re-establish strong boundaries and make repairs to the relationship, you may start to feel differently. Until then, we will work on building a relationship based on openness and transparency.

Should I go to individual or couples therapy?

The best course depends on your goals. If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, or how to leave the relationship, Individual Relationship Therapy may provide you with the best support. If your partner is willing to work with you to solve a problem (any problem), couples therapy will be more effective.

A good first step is to complete a Couples Relationship Checkup where we fully assess how your relationship is functioning. During a Couples Relationship Checkup, I will evaluate what kinds of services are mostly likely to provide the best outcomes. I make recommendations for individual vs couples therapy during the Assessment Wrap-up.

Will you help me tell my spouse that it's over?

Sometimes, one partner asks for a divorce, but their spouse won’t believe it’s over. In this case, a Couples Relationship Checkup can be helpful. If I know that you have already decided to leave, during the the wrap-up session, I can help your partner understand why it won’t work. Sometimes that eases the pain of the request for a divorce.

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