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Relationship Tune-up

You found the right person and made a commitment. It's important to protect your "Happily Ever After."

What you have as a couple is rare and precious. You want to make sure it stays that way. You have too many friends who seemed fine–until they announced they were getting a divorce. You know that you would move heaven and hell to NEVER be in that position.
Your marriage or long-term relationship is everything that you ever wanted, except…
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Preserving Your Relationship
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Overcoming Relationship Challenges

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You're not looking for absolute perfection.

You recognize that many others would relax and accept that the relationship isn’t going to be perfect. But you’re not the couple who would coast. You recognize and appreciate what you have. In fact, others would be jealous if they knew how truly good this relationship is.
But, you’ve seen too many others coast and have their relationship fall apart. This will NOT be your love story. You want to feel confident that your relationship will weather the inevitable storms and crises that will pop up. And you’re willing to invest in the relationship a little bit every day to keep it that way.

You don't want to take each other for granted or become complacent in your relationship.

Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Nurturing Your Relationship

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A Couples Relationship Tune-up is exactly what you need to protect your future.

A Couples Relationship Tune-up is similar and different from Couples Therapy.
When you get a tune-up, it’s about understanding, fine tuning, and enhancing–not about rooting out the core of the problem and transforming the relationship.
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Couples Relationship Tune-up

What happens in a Tune-up?

1. We will complete a Couples Relationship Checkup.  You will learn about the strengths of your relationship and the patterns that need to be improved or adjusted.

2. Based on the Relationship Checkup, we set clear goals that you will complete on your own or with the support of your therapist.  These may include:

3. You’ll develop a working relationship with your therapist who will understand who you are and what you need even if you don’t see them very often.  They are available for drop-in sessions as the need arises.

4. Together, you’ll choose the ideal frequency to implement your support plan. Based on your individual circumstances, you’ll decide how often to meet with your therapist to support your goals. Many couples complete the Couples Relationship Checkup, meet weekly for a few sessions, then cut back to once a month for ongoing support and accountability.

5. Between sessions, you will work towards your relationship goals.  Whether it is practicing a new tool, reading a relationship book, or establishing quality time together, you will have clear goals and homework to work on.

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Life's ups and downs can test even the strongest relationships.

Transitions stress even the best relationships. They can bring up unexpected issues or elevate an irritation into a crisis.
They are also the perfect time to re-evaluate and renegotiate how well your relationship is meeting each partner’s needs.
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Navigating Relationship Transitions
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Navigating Relationship Stressors
Expected common life situations that lead to relationship stress are:

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Instead of waiting for a relationship crisis and then piecing your lives back together, do the work that prevents the crisis altogether.

A Couples Relationship Tune-up will pay off for many years. Those who work on their relationship during times of calm often experience these benefits:
A Couples Relationship Tune-up is an investment in the relationship. It’s an opportunity to improve the example of relationships that you teach to your kids.
Choose to grow closer because you love one another.
Cheri Timko - Couples Counseling Center: Investing in Your Relationship

What else do you need to know?

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Frequently Asked Questions

My partner doesn't think that we need a Couples Relationship Tune-up. How do I help them understand that this will be good for us, even if we aren't on the brink of divorce?

Couples often don’t agree on how to keep their love strong. There are so many options. A Couples Relationship Tune-up is a preventative tool that sets you up for success. One strategy is to ask them to be curious and skeptical but participate in a free Phone Consultation to learn more. Sometimes, they need to know more specifics before committing to a process.

My spouse doesn't like to talk. I'm afraid they won't talk about the problems.

Couples Therapy is the perfect combination of safe space and encouragement to talk openly. Many people, who otherwise wouldn’t talk, are able to finally share their thoughts and feelings. If this is a concern you have, let me know and I will help put both of you at ease.

Do we need to be married to get a Couples Relationship Tune-up?

Any couple (or other relationship constellation) can get a Relationship Tune-up regardless of their marital or legal status.

How do we get started?

1. Schedule a FREE Phone Consultation.  After scheduling, watch for a confirmation email.  It directs you to the Pre-Call Questionnaire. Attend the call as a couple or one of you can learn all the details.  During the call, ask any questions that you have and learn more about how Couples Sex Therapy can help you.  If Therapy is what you need, we’ll schedule your first appointment while we’re on the phone.
2. Before the first initial therapy appointment, sign the consent documents which give permission for your therapist to work with you.
3. Complete the 3-session Couples Relationship Checkup
4. Set goals that fit your situation.

Will our insurance cover a Couples Relationship Tune-up?

Only your insurance can answer this question. Traditional medical insurance doesn’t always value preventative work. However, you can learn about your insurance by calling them and asking: 1) do they cover couples counseling, 2) what are the costs, and 3) do they require that one partner have a diagnosis?

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