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Couples Relationship Check-up

Do you worry about your relationship? Safeguard your "true love" by understanding your strengths and weaknesses.

A Relationship Checkup helps couples at any stage, from rekindling the spark to addressing concerns.

A Couples Relationship Checkup is a deep dive into your relationship. It is a 3-hour comprehensive assessment. You’ll discover insights into the inner workings of your relationship. Together, we’ll uncovering your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll receive personalized advice on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and deepening intimacy.

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Get a Couples Relationship Checkup to learn about the strengths and challenges in your relationship! Start with a Phone Consultation.

Benefits of getting a Couples Relationship Checkup:

Want your love to last forever? A Relationship Checkup helps ensure your bond is strong and satisfying.

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What are you waiting for? Get a Couples Relationship Checkup today!

What to expect

1. Phone Consultation

Schedule a free phone consultation. After scheduling, watch for a confirmation email. It directs you to the Pre-Call Questionnaire.

Attend the call as a couple or one of you can learn all the details. During the call, ask any questions that you have and learn more about how a Couples Relationship Checkup can help you. If it’s what you need, we’ll schedule it while we’re on the phone.
2. A Couples Relationship Checkup consists of:

☑️ Relationship Assessment
☑️ Personal History Questionnaire
☑️ Intimacy Questionnaire
☑️ Gottman Checkup
☑️ Couples Interview (attend together)
☑️ Individual Interviews

3. Wrap-up Session
During the third hour of the Check-up, you’ll receive a detailed summary of the strengths and challenges in your relationship.
4. Next Steps
You can choose whether to take the results and DIY improvements or go on to Couples Therapy. You’ll receive customized support and resources to address any concerns that are discovered, as well as advice for what your next steps can be.

Think of it like preventative care at the doctor's. Learn how to strengthen your relationship BEFORE you have a relationship crisis. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Couples Relationship Checkup take?

It takes three hours to complete the Couples Relationship Checkup. You have the choice of spreading them out over three weeks or doing a Quickstart Assessment.

How much does a Checkup cost?

Session 1: $250 (50 minute session)
Sessions 2+: $200 (50 minute session)
Afterhours fee (6 pm or later): $20
Quickstart Assessment: $1000 (3-hour session)

What's the difference between a Checkup and a Quickstart Assessment?

A Checkup is scheduled in 50-minute sessions spread over three weeks. You receive the results in the third session.
A Quickstart Assessment is scheduled in a 3-hour block on a single day.  You receive the results the same day.

What should we do with the results?

Your Couples Relationship Checkup results will highlight both strengths and areas for improvement. You can choose to address the concerns on your own or through Couples Therapy. If you decide to work on your own, you’ll receive suggested resources. One way or the other, you will need to take action on the weaknesses in the relationship.

I'm worried about my partner's mental health. Will you help us decide if we need Couples Therapy or if one of us should get Individual Therapy?

An Assessment will include recommendations about whether individual or couples therapy will help.

My partner doesn't want to talk to anyone else about our problems. What if they won't meet with you?

Usually there is one partner who is more reluctant to get help.  Sometimes they are willing to do a Couples Relationship Checkup because it is limited to three sessions.  If they absolutely refuse, consider Individual Relationship Therapy instead.

Take a Couples Relationship Checkup and find out what your relationship needs so it lasts a lifetime! Get started by scheduling a FREE 15-minute phone consultation.

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